On October 22, the Scotland County Marching Tigers wrapped up their marching season.  This year, the marching band participated in 5 competitions around the northeast Missouri area.  Below are the results from the 2022 season.

1st Place Antique Fair Parade
1st Place Parade of Champions-Kahoka
1st Place Trenton Marching Festival
1st Place Macon City of Maples Marching Festival
Wow Factor! People's Choice Award Macon City of Maples Marching Festival

JH Parade:
2nd Place Parade of Champions-Kahoka

Indoor Color Guard:
2nd Place Highland Sounds of Gold Festival

Indoor Drumline:
1st Place Highland Sounds of Gold Festival
2nd Place Trenton Marching Festival

Field Show:
2nd Place - Highland Sounds of Gold Festival
3rd Place - Parade of Champions-Kahoka
2nd Place - Trenton Marching Festival
Outstanding Color Guard - Parade of Champions
Outstanding Color Guard -Trenton Marching Festival
Outstanding Color Guard - Macon City of Maples Marching Festival
Overall Outstanding Color Guard - Highland Sounds of Gold Festival
Outstanding Drum Major - Parade of Champions-Kahoka
Overall Outstanding Drum Major - Highland Sounds of Gold Festival
Overall Outstanding Drum Major - Parade of Champions-Kahoka

I want to give a special shout out to the seniors- Bryn Aylward, Paige Bishop, Abby Doster, Tresa Huber, Elsie Kigar, & Iris Mishra.  These girls have shown dedication to the music program and have worked to lay a solid foundation for the years and decades to follow.  It has been a pleasure to watch them step out of their comfort zones, grow as leaders, taking charge, and making the band their own.  I am so grateful that they have decided to stick with band program from 5th grade to their Senior year.  With an eye toward concert season, I am looking forward to what the rest of the year holds in store for them.

The season could not have been possible without the many contributions of parents, faculty, and the community.  There are truly too many people to thank personally, but there are several that need to be mentioned.  

Thank you to Christina Schroeder, Stephen Schroeder, Shirley Green, Jenna Ketchem, Shellie Jackson, and Janie Parton for measuring, hemming, sewing, and everything else involved to make the students look their best in the uniforms.

Thank you to Jeff Frederick and Patrick Miller for work on getting the new trailer ready for use.  A special thank you to Jeff on the portable wooden lockers.  Those lockers made us the envy of many band directors at competitions.  FYI: Jeff will continue to work to make the trailer even more effective; he has some great ideas and am grateful for all of his ingenuity.

Thank you to Christina Miller in planning meals and snacks for the students (and parents) on those long days.  The students definitely did not go hungry! 

Thank you to Robert Miller for packing the grill to cook the hotdogs and hamburgers.

Thank you to Christy Aylward for obtaining the backdrop and revamping the backdrop system.

Thank you to Jim & Alisa Kigar, Chris & Paula Montgomery, Brad & Lisa Doster, David & Jodie Jackson, Doug & Christy Aylward, and Jeff & Emily Frederick for pulling the trailer and being committed to leave early with the bus and stay until the end of the day.  Truly grateful for your commitment.

Thank you to Alan Adams, Angie Ward, & Josh Black for driving the bus to and from competitions.

Thank you to Robert & Christina Miller for always having water available for students after parades and during football games.

Thank you to SCAMP for being the Swiss Army Knife of the music program.  If there is anything that needs accomplished, we have someone, or know someone who can fulfill the task.  This organization is such a blessing.

Thank you to Trinity Davis for her continual support of the music program, being present at morning rehearsals, and for being a sounding board for some of my crazier ideas.

Thank you to Emily Frederick for taking on the role of Color Guard coordinator.  To quote her after the season, "I didn't know what I was getting myself into!"  Thank you for doing it anyway and being great at it.

Thank you to Ben Oliver for being our local drill writer.  It is so nice to have the drill writer always available to answer any question I might have and to make changes on the fly as needed.

Thank you to Chanel Oliver for being my assistant, helping out in any and every way possible.  I am so grateful for everything that you do.

Thank you to Ryan Bergeson, Kirk Stott, and Lance Campbell for showing continual support of the music program, always showing interest in what we are doing, and for being fans of the students.  Not all music programs are blessed with supportive administration, but I am glad to say that I am.

Finally, thank you to the community for being so wonderful and caring.  Scotland County is truly a great place to live.  Thank you for making it home.

Mr. Orr