On behalf of the Scotland County School Foundation, the following SCR-1 teachers were awarded Spring 2023 grants.  A big thank you to the members of the School Foundation for the generosity and support for our staff and students.  When ordering, please fill out a requisition and specify that your items are being purchased with grant funds from the Scotland County School Foundation. 

Junior High/High School
Chris Cerroni $250.00 JH Poly Sci Course Curriculum
Alyson Ewald $250.00 Keyboards for Writing Fluency
Jenna Ketchum $250.00 Cheese Tasting Lab

Allison Amidei $45.00 Magnetic Money
Lori Bish $166.00 Book in a Bag
Jenny Bergeson $196.26 SEL
Cali Smith $105.00 Chair Pockets
Shelby McAfee $218.54 Fine Motor Development
Lucinda Perrilles $248.62 Library Makeover
Emily Frederick $250.00 Updated Emergent Readers
Weston Smith $250.00 Ecosystem Restoration
Elizabeth Foster $198.00 Field Trip Experience
Rachel Duzan $144.00 Quizizz Premium
Total $2,571.42